Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back to the Routine

Before I put Dallas completely behind me, I thought I'd tell you my five fave moments from the conference:

1. The Harlequin Party - a ride in a Hummer limo, an open bar and chocolate buffet, kicking off your shoes and dancing with friends and strangers. It doesn't get much better than that.

2. Dinner with three of the authors from our Wedding Planners continuity on Thursday night. It was great to see that we connected as well in person as we did on-line.

3. Saturday night's suite party!

4. Hanging out with my friend Darla on Wednesday afternoon and exploring a bit of Dallas and finding the Bobbi Brown counter at Neiman Marcus.

5. Meeting so many people I knew on-line (like Bailey) and reconnecting with others I hadn't seen in a very long time (like Alice).

I spent yesterday getting caught up around here. All the conference pics have been posted. All my bags are now unpacked. All the cats and kids are feeling well-loved and happy. I even managed to start on the revisions for Stranded with the Bad Boy. Not bad for a Monday. Now to catch up on my sleep. I'm still dragging a bit!

Today I plan to write (revisions!) before driving down to Eugene, Oregon to go rock climbing this afternoon with someone I met on a climbing forum. Fingers crossed it stops raining or we'll be hitting a gym rock wall instead.

What have you got going on?