Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rain, rain go away

The rain keeps falling. I really want to see the sun. Still I managed to finish my revisions. YAY! I just want to read through the manuscript one more time before I send it off. I can't believe all the typos I found. Kinda scary, but then again I was working really early in the morning and late at night to finish it on time back in May. I shouldn't be so surprised!

The weather only made my homesickness worse, however. I'm missing hubby and the kidlets so much. I'm away from home again. Not sure if I mentioned that or not. This time to attend the second part of the class I started last summer. The good news is the family will be here next weekend. The bad news is it's still this weekend.

At least I'll have time to work on the new proposal, and I'll be rock climbing with some of the Seattle members of the forum I belong to if the weather gets better. Gotta think of the positives!

I'll be at class later today and writing tonight. What do you have going on today?