Monday, July 16, 2007

RWA Conference: Saturday Suite Party

After the Awards Ceremony, my roomie Shirley and I attended a party were food, fun and friends were to be found in a suite on the seventeenth floor. Many of us had belonged to RomEx on Genie years ago. Others were friends of friends. People popped in and out all night. Lynn Kerstan answered the phone, had no idea who was calling and invited them up anyway. It was that kind of party!

One of the suite's occupants was the simply fabulous, outrageously talented Anne Stuart! Her signature of success vignette during the award show was great!

The beautiful Barbara Samuel showed up. Don't you just love her turquoise blue scarf? I sure do. She also had her charming Neil aka Christopher Robin with her. He wore a suit rather than a kilt. I would have loved to see him in the kilt again!

Brenda Hiatt looked great in her stockings with seams. I had a picture of them, but the way I took it (legs only) was too much like the "fra-gi-le" Italian lamp in A Christmas Story.

This is Pam Menz Baker, a past Golden Heart Award winner and champion of traditional category romances! She loves romance and isn't afraid to speak her mind. I really enjoyed chatting with her.

I loved talking with past RWA president and beloved author Pat Potter.

Talented Jo Beverley was another one of the suite mates who hosted the party. She went around passing out the nun napkins that Anne Stuart had brought to the party.

We sat around and chatted about everything from men to writing to how the conference had gone for us. Once again I met people who I knew on-line, but had never met in person. A very fun time!