Monday, July 23, 2007

Kitty Lost and Found

Sorry for not posting earlier. We had a crisis at home. Given the fact I'm three hours from home, it's been a long day.

One of our cats, Rocket, went missing yesterday. Hubby searched the house again and again. The cat was nowhere to be found. He hadn't touched his food last night or this morning. Hubby was sure the cat had gotten outside when the kids were playing. He talked to neighbors, but no one had seen him. I've been frantic!

I've been unable to do much except attend my class today. I was going to make the three hour drive home tonight, but hubby said not to since I'd have to be back here by 9 am tomorrow morning. He was making flyers to put up around the neighborhood. Next step was compiling a list of animal shelters to visit.

My oldest decided she was going to look for Rocket herself. She felt he had to be inside somewhere since it was raining outside and the cat doesn't like getting wet. Her reasoning and search paid off! Rocket was hiding in my closet under a pile of bags and a suitcase. Needless to say, huge sigh of relief by all of us.

Only Smalls our indoor/outdoor kitty has a microchip. I'm going to look into that when I get home. I don't want to have to go through this again!