Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dancing a Jig!

Two of the kidlets will be competing today at the Dance for Life Feis in Seattle. I'm hoping to sneak out of class early to watch them. Fingers crossed I pull it off!

We had a great time last night once we got past an accident that pretty much shutdown I-5 north. It took me almost 2 hours to go 30 miles. Horrible! I hate traffic. I made it to the hotel first. The family was about twenty minutes behind me. We had dinner and swam. You won't believe what happened.

I was soaking my sore muscles in the hot tub. I got up and walked toward hubby. He got a really weird look on his face and pointed to my swimsuit. I looked down. The chemicals in the hot tub had turned my blue swimsuit a tan/nude color. Hubby thought the whole thing had been eaten away which was why he was looking so concerned since it looked like I was naked from far away! The only part still blue is at the top where the fabric didn't touch the water. Everyone around the pool was looking at me which was totally disconcerting. Who wants people looking at them when they are in a swimsuit? I'm bummed because it's hard to find a swimsuit that 1) I like and 2) that fits well. They told me the manager would call me today. We'll see.

I'm going to get ready for class. Hope you have a nice Saturday!!!!