Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday = Family!!!!

My family is driving up here today. I cannot wait. I miss them soooo much.

Climbing was so awesome. I had such a fun time. I'm worn out, bruised and cut, fingertips a little bare and hurting, but it was all worth it. I'll post more later, but I need to get packed and moved out of the studio I've been staying in so I can head to the hotel where the family will be.

Hope you have a great Friday. I'm really looking foward to mine!



Bailey Stewart said...

I bet your family missed you as much as you missed them.

Brandy said...

Ooh, I bet there will be squeeling from the kids, and probably you too!
Have a great time with the family!

Dru said...

Enjoy your visit with the family.

Melissa said...

I'm with the family. Everyone is sound asleep. There was a huge accident so it took me an extra two hours to get here, the family, too. We had a nice dinner and then went swimming. You won't believe what happened to my swimsuit in the hottub!

The kids looked great. The oldest grew taller. They all look older and it's only been a week! It's so good to see them. Even my son has been wanting to hold my hand. Miracles of miracles ;)

Better get to bed. I have class early tomorrow. I'm going to see if I can skip out so I can see the kids dance!

Marianne Arkins said...

Glad to see you're enjoying the reunion :-)

We're off to Lake Wentworth for the weekend. DH's uncle has loaned us his house up there. Now, if only the weather will cooperate!

Melissa said...

Have a great time, Marianne!