Thursday, July 19, 2007

Revision Hell

Normally I love revising a book. I've mentioned it before, but I prefer rewriting/revising over the initial writing. That blank page/screen gets me everytime. So I'm kinda confused as to why I'm having so much trouble right now.

I received my revision letter on Stranded With The Bad Boy on Friday. I whipped through the minor changes which improved the story, and then hit a wall when I reached the biggie. I have an entire scene to rewrite. Significantly rewrite.

After smashing my head against it for two days, I decided to start at the beginning and go through the entire manuscript, hoping by the time I reached the problem spot (chapter seven, page 123 to be exact) I'd know the fix because "it really slows down the action between Serena and Kane and makes the middle of the story start to drag here."

There's dialogue I want to keep, but maybe I should just start that chapter over. I already moved one scene up a chapter. I just don't know.

Which is why I'm going climbing this afternoon. Tuesday's climb got cancelled so we rescheduled for today. When I climb every thing goes out of my head. I'm hoping once I'm done and driving home, the solution to my revision problem will come to me. Fingers crossed.

Do you have a way of figuring out how to solve a problem (doesn't have to be writing-related)?

Oh and before I forget... Congrats to my two favorite shows (and the only ones I watch!) Heroes received eight Emmy nominations!!!! Told you Heroes rocks! And The Amazing Race received five Emmy nominations!


Brandy said...

Sorry you are having trouble with the revisions. I'm sure you'll figure things out soon.

I exsecise to balance myself and am usually in a more approachable mindset afterwards. (Not to mention in a way better mood!)

Have a great day!

Dru said...

I put my iPod on and listen to inspirational music. The music is so calming and it lets my mind wander and then I can think of a solution.

I hope you had a good time climbing and it inspires you to do your revisions.

BTW, when will this book be published?

Other than the revisions and climbing, I hope you had Thursday.

Melissa said...

Brandy- I figured out the solution thanks to my brilliant critique partner. I phoned her and asked her to save me. She did. Great stuff. I'm taking what I cut and making three scenes. All of which I love. I have one more to write.

Dru - the iPod is a good idea. this book will be published in May 2008. It's the third book in a six book continuity. And my day was just awesome.

Between the writing and the climbing, I couldn't ask for much more!