Saturday, July 14, 2007

RWA Conference: Harlequin Party Dancing

There are so many wonderful things about the annual Harlequin Party. I love the dancing. Here are some dancing pics I took. If you want to know who anyone is, just post your question in the comment section. I don't have time right now to name each picture.


Dru said...

oh, that must have been fun. I see a conga line. Kewl.

I spotted Nora and you. The others I have no idea unless their names are with their faces.

Again, thanks for's just so much fun.

Do they have events like this for non-writers (readers)?

Brandy said...

These are fantastic pictures! Thanks so much for sharing!

Melissa said...

Glad you guys enjoy the pics. If I have time sometime, I'll add names. Many people are named elsewhere on the blog too.

I have no idea if they have events like this for readers with the exception of RT.