Sunday, August 05, 2007

Win a Book!

Since it's hard to come up with posts during the weekend, I've decided to use Sundays for the "win a book contest" I've been talking about doing. In case you missed any of those posts about wanting to do a giveaway, I have books (not all romances) that I picked up at the RWA conference in Dallas to give away here. Some are autographed, some not.

Here's how the giveaways are going to work:

1) A new contest begins today. The next one will start when I put up a post announcing the winner from the last one. I hope to do this on Sundays, making it a weekly giveaway, but hey, I'm only human, about to go on vacation and on deadline until December 1 so I reserve the right to have some leeway with this and to change how this works if I need to.

2) Your name will be entered each time you post a comment so you can have multiple entries for each weekly contest (which means Dru and Brandy will probably end up with more books than they need by the time this is over with!) Your entries are good for that week's contest only. If you want to keep your name entered each week, you have to keep commenting.

3) If you tell a friend who hasn't commented here before to post a comment and he/she mentions you sent them over, you're name will be entered again.

4) Your name will also be entered and kept entered in each subsequent week's contest for as long as I have books to giveaway if you post a review of any of my books on Amazon or another romance novel-related site. Just let me know where you posted it!

5) Books will be sent by the cheapest snail-mail means available so if you're overseas you might not see the book for a while!

6) The winner gets to choose one item from the following list (more books may be added if I can find those that were packed in my suitcase and not shipped!):

Historical Fiction
1. Stephanie Laurens, The Truth About Books, Audio CD, Autographed
2. Elizabeth Hoyt, The Leopard Prince
3. Samantha James, The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell
4. Linda Lael Miller, McKettrick's Luck
5. Julie Anne Long, The Runaway Duke
6. Teresa Medeiros, After Midnight, Autographed

Category Romance
1. Sandra Marton, The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride, Harlequin Presents
2. Judy Christenberry, Mommy for A Minute, Harlequin American Romance
3. Susan Mallery, Thier Little Princess, Silhouette Reprint
4.  Cathy Gillen Thacker, The Rancher Next Door, Harlequin American Romance

1. Nancy Bush, Candy Apple Red
2. Debra Webb, Traceless
3. James Grippando, Got the Look
4. Andrew Gross, The Blue Zone, Hardcover

Contemporary (Includes Single Title Romance, Chick lit, Woman's Fiction and Erotica)
1. Liza Palmer, Conversations with the Fat Girl, Autographed
2. Sandra Hill, Pink Jinx, Autographed
3. Toni Blake, Swept Away, Autographed
4. Diana Holquist, Make Me A Match, Authographed
5. Mary Kay Andrews, Savannah Breeze
6. Leslie Schnur, Late Night Talking, Hardcover
7. Lisa Kleypas, Sugar Daddy, Hardcover

1. Lynsay Sands, Bite Me If You Can

1. Parlor Games by Jess Michaels, Leda Swann and Julia Templeton (Avon Red)
2. Secrets Volume 14 by Angela Knight, Alexa Aames, Leigh Wyndfield and Jennifer Barlowe


Marianne Arkins said...

I'm all about winning... but have been so busy I forget to bloghop (you should see how many blog posts I have unread in Google Reader... YIKES).

So. At least I'll have one entry :-)

Tori Lennox said...

I'm gonna have to be a better commenter, too, to compete with Dru & Brandy. *g*

Dru said...

Hmm, I already see two books that is on my book list. Can I have it please? See, I'm begging.

Hey, my post didn't show up in the one below.

Enjoy your vacation.

Brandy said...

Well, *sigh* you didn't go with my idea for begging. BUT, this way works too.
We'll be sure to be patient with you. Deadlines are more important than contests anyday!

Melissa said...

Thanks all!

Marianne - what is google reader? Never heard of that.

Dru - Your Christmas post finally showed up. Thanks.

Tori - Brandy and Dru would be hard to beat!

Brandy - Sorry about the begging ;)

blackroze37 said...

i like to throw my hat in to win if thats ok :)

Melissa said...

Welcome Blackroze37. Each time you post a comment on any of my blog entries you are entered to win! Be sure to check back on Sunday (may be Monday this week due to book deadline) to see who won.

Thanks for stopping by and posting!