Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Card

This is the card hubby got me for Valentine's Day. Do you notice anything about the design?

I thought it looked familiar. It took me a few seconds until I realized why.

Me: It looks like my website.

Hubby: I know.

Me: Did you get this because of that?

Hubby: You really have to ask that.

Me to myself: Okay, probably not.

He pointed out the little birds. The hearts. The colors. Very sweet, indeed. I couldn't have asked for a better card.

Even though I love to ski, climb and hike and I don't wear a lot of dresses, make-up and jewelry, I'm still a total girly girl. I love hearts and flowers and little birdies. When the new website design went live last year, one of my RCRW chaptermates said it was so me. Yep! And so is my Valentine's Day card.

Today I'm at another stop on my virtual book tour. I'm being interviewed at the Book Junkie. Stop bye and say hi! You're comment there will enter you in the Amazon gift card giveaway. Plus it'll keep me from getting lonely!


Brandy said...

There's nothing wrong with being athletic and still girly-girl. (Gosh, I hope not! *G*) I think it's very sweet that your husband knows you so well that your card matches your website-and you. *G*

Hope you have a fabulous day and are feeling better!

Brandy said...

I visited your tour site. I didn't want to comment there and take someone's chance of winning your prize, so I'll comment here.
An author has to touch something in me with their writing to be an auto-buy. I don't have many of those, but the ones that do I remain loyal to until the books from the author become stagnant. (Like the Janet Evanovich books became for me this past year.)

Melissa McClone said...


Thanks! But you should comment. I know you're not commenting to win, but I also know you like books. The giveaway is open to everyone. So please copy and paste and put it there, too, my friend!

It's funny you mention that author. I stopped reading after just a couple of them. I don't mind the same-old same, but I needed some character growth.

And nothing wrong with being both athletic and a girly girl. My current is like that, but she's hiding her girly-girl side to be one of the guys. Looking at me in real life, in my sweats and T's and no makeup or jewelry, you'd probably never guess I was that girly. That's where I was going with it!

Melissa McClone said...

Okay, I added more to clarify what I meant! Hope that helps!

Brandy said...

I get what you're saying. I'm the same way. I'd love to appear more feminine. But, I don't wear a lot of jewelry, my hair remains braided every day and I wear work-out clothes most days. *G* I get it. I still like birdies and hearts, too. *G*
Hope you're resting and feeling better!