Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

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Today's the big day! The game. The commercials. A new Glee.

Hubby is a Jets fan so he's a little disappointed they aren't there today. But he'll be rooting for the Green Bay Packers.

His brother even sent him a cheese head top hat to wear during the game. The kidlets have been having fun with it. We tried to stick Yoda inside it for a pic, but that didn't work too well.

The Star Wars ad I posted a couple of days ago will be shown. It sounds like there may be a few good ones this year. I'll be watching the commercials closer than the game to tell the truth. I'll probably be writing, too.

What about you? Are you rooting for one team over the other? Who do you hope wins? And any commercials you're especially looking forward to?


Dru said...

Not rooting for any teams, but rooting for best commercial. So far I like the VW/Darth Vadar, Budweiser/Country Singer/Clydesdale and the Simon return commercial.

Brandy said...

We didn't watch and instead watched the movie Red. Helen MIrren should always have a gun in her movies. *g*
I'll watch the commercials online, though. We loved that VW one you shared.

I hope your day went well.