Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Birthday

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Today Mackenna's little brother turns nine. Needless to say, as soon as I emailed my proposal yesterday (yes, I finished it and even earlier than expected!) I had to run around buying my son birthday gifts. Of course, I couldn't find anything he wanted. I want to four different stores. Talk about frustrating.

But I finally managed to find a couple of things, including one of his really wanted to have items. I had to call hubby and ask him to call stores for me. Driving around in the rain was taking way too long. He found finally found a store. I was so excited though I forgot to get chocolate frosting so will have to do that this morning. Finn asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Not sure what the day will be like. It's pretty booked. He has a baseball game tonight, too, so not sure how big a celebration we'll have, but he does get a party on Sunday with a few of his friends.

How are you doing?