Monday, April 20, 2009

The Week Ahead....

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Insert proposal for shiny above and that's what's demanding my attention this week! My proposal for The Best Man and The Bride (working title) is due in one week. I'm behind, nothing new there, so I really have to focus. I'll try to post something each day in addition to the Crossfit Challenge, but if I don't it's because it's a day where my writing time is very limited.

Yesterday, the kidlets performed at the annual Irish dance recital their studio puts on. It was great. Usually we have family and friends with us, but it was just hubby and I. We sat with another couple whose daughter was dancing a two-hand with Rose. When the two girls walked out, the two smallest of all the dancers on stage, my heart panged. Rose seems so big to me because she's really grown a lot this year, but I realized just how little she still is! And boy, were the two of them so cute!!!!

What did you do this weekend?

And this just in. I followed a link Susan Wiggs posted and found this... Jimmy Fallon and and the Susan Boyle phenomena. Enjoy!