Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rescue Me

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I wish someone would come rescue me right now! And give me what I need to feel 100% better.

My back to normal day yesterday ended up being not so normal. Around 11 o'clock I felt like I'd been hit by a bullet train. I was shaking and so cold I had to put on my ski jacket inside. Needless to say, hubby sent me straight to bed. I had to cancel my class and tell hubby all the things that needed to be done. Then I crashed. I ate a little lunch, then crashed again until 7:00 pm.

It was so funny because hubby was making notes about influenza A vs. B. I think he was worried I might have caught what's going around. I assured him that I didn't because my temperature was even lower than normal! But it was sweet of him to be so concerned and he took such good care of me with tea and dinner and other stuff. When I woke up, he'd added more blankets on the bed too!

I'm feeling a little better, but the headache is back so I doubt I'll get any writing done tonight. Plus I just realized I forgot to buy fruit for a tea we're going to tomorrow which means a trip to the grocery store. Argh! How could I forget that!

Anyway, I hope all of you are healthy and happy!