Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Writing continues to be a bit of a struggle. Maybe I need a sidekick like Pookie to help me out. Last night I had to settle for chocolate chip cookies.

I'm sure it'll come together. With a deadline looming, I really have no choice!

I did wake up to some good news this morning thanks to Shirley Jump who emailed me the following review from Romantic Times about my upcoming June release:

DREAM DATE WITH THE MILLIONAIRE (4) by Melissa McClone: When one of his employees red-flags Dani Bennett's account, BlindDateBrides. com CEO Bryce Delaney investigates her himself. He doesn't expect to click with Dani -- or to actually want to date her -- but before he knows it, they're involved. Dani's admission that she's actually the marketing director for a rival dating site is a bump in the road for both, but the real deal-breaker for Dani is Bryce's need to protect -- and perhaps control -- her. Great characters with a genuine spark between them, a realistically paced romance and just the right amount of humor add up to a winner.

—Catherine Witmer

How are things going for you?