Wednesday, April 08, 2009


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I am having a hard time getting back on schedule. One of my cats, Smalls, who is normally the anti-social former outdoor kitty who came with our old house, now wants attention 24/7. Okay, not attention...she wants to be rubbed. She gets right in my face, purrs like an engine and will wake me up a few times a night.

I'm so tired. I need uninterrupted sleep. And she's not letting me get any.

I haven't managed a decent word on the new book. I usually write during Irish dance lessons in the afternoon and early evening, but there are none this week due to the World Championships going on right now in Philadelphia. So that means only night time writing, but by the the time the kidlets are in bed I just want to sleep. I even forgot to watch Castle on Monday I was that tired.

Smalls is older. 14, maybe. Possibly 15. She came to us so we really don't know. I've heard that sometimes when cats aren't feeling well, they want to be with you more. That was the Spirit when she got Hyper-T. I sure hope that's not the case with Smalls. She's due for her checkup so I need to make an appointment, sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I'll keep trying to give her the love she wants and hope she'll let me get a decent night's sleep!

How is your week so far?