Monday, April 06, 2009

This week

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The kitties are happy our spring break is over. We went skiing again yesterday and enjoyed sunny, warm weather. But the cats don't like being left alone so as soon as I'm home they won't leave me alone. Endearing, yes. But the meowing for attention is a tad annoying. Especially in the middle of the night.

It's back to the normal schedule today. Lots on the agenda since I'm hosting my family for Easter which means cleaning and shopping. I need to catchup on my writing since I didn't get my 5000 words in this past week. I spoke with my agent on the way up to Mt. Hood on Thursday and gave her a date for my proposal to be due so I'm waiting to hear if it's okay. I've also got a meeting this morning at church to toss around some ideas for the First Communion retreat that's a couple of weeks away.

I was supposed to go climbing again today, but strained my achilles tendon yesterday. It's already feeling better today so I didn't do anything to it like the first time. Still not taking any chances! I'm also breaking up my squats into even shorter reps today just to be safe.

The temperature is supposed to hit high 70s! It's shorts and sunscreen weather. I hope the weather lasts until Easter! I love when we can have egg hunts outside!

What's your week like?