Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Bite

On Monday, the kidlets found a sore on Chaos' back leg when she rolled onto her back to have her tummy rubbed. I cleaned it and did so a couple of times throughout the day. Yesterday, it looked worse so I called the vet. Turns out she was bit by something. The vet thinks a spider. She had to cut, scrap and drain. It was very nasty looking and also infected. The vet also took samples to look at under the microscope.

Chaos was such a good girl. She didn't make a sound. I felt so bad for her.

The picture was taken last night using hubby's Blackberry. After Chaos laid down, Hubby covered her up. She stayed in that position for almost an hour. She doesn't like having the medicine put on her sore. What she doesn't realize is that the cheese ball I gave her had a antibiotic pill hidden inside.

This morning the sore looked a little better. She's acting more like her old self. Thank goodness. I just want her to feel better!

Hope you have a good day!