Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Letter to Santa

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Last night, my seven year old made her Christmas list. We try and send them to the North Pole right after Thanksgiving. She ended up with almost 60 items so Santa would have lots of choices. She also wrote a letter to Santa. Here it is:
Dear Santa,

How is your life? My life is good. How are the elves? Have you went thru the good girl's and good boys? do you have a magic snoe ball? I beleve in it. Can you tell me if the elves to it by hand or do you have mashins?

from Rose
Have you written your letter to Santa yet? What's on your list?

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Brandy said...

Aww, the letter is so sweet! Maybe writing a letter to Santa would help us this year.... Nah, little boys and girls need Santa more.
But, my wish list? Has my perfume I just ran out of, two books that come out next month and...... a Bordeaux bar from See's. *g* I'm pretty easy to please. *g*

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Jane said...

Very cute. On my wish list are a MacBook Air or iPad.

Melissa McClone said...

My wish list is pretty short, as usual.

1. A vacation in the mountains
2. Blake Snyder's last book
3. A white Christmas
4. A box of chocolate covered cherries

Anonymous said...

I just visited Santa Claus website and order the original Santa Claus Special Letter direct from Lapland.



Dru said...

My wish list is the NookColor and a cruise.