Monday, November 29, 2010

Another winner!

I emailed my revisions last night. Huge sigh of relief. Now the waiting begins. I hope my editor like the manuscript!

I came across this on a loop I belong to. The title is SO YOU WANT TO WRITE A NOVEL. It's really funny, especially since people have said similar things to me when they find out I'm a writer.

It really put a smile on my face!

It's time to announce the weekly winner. Sorry for the delay, but I had to be somewhere early this morning and just got home. No time to blog! Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2010-11-29 21:47:56 UTC

The winner is Dru! She posted a comment on A Tale of Two Covers. Dru, please send me your email address via the contact button above. I mentioned under my contest link above, but I'll mention it again. I'm going to send all the gift cards out at once next week when the contest is over. It's just easier on me that way!

This is the final week of the Amazon gift certificate giveaway. There won't be another contest for a while so be sure to enter. Each comment on the blog gets you an entry. For more info, click on the contest link above.