Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kittehs in Books

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The manuscript I just sent off, Not-So-Perfect-Princess, has a kitten in it. One a lot like my Yoda. I love putting pets in stories, but I don't think they'll be any animals in the new Hood Hamlet book. With my heroine's job and hobbies, I don't see her having a pet. Do you like to read books with animals in them?

I'm hoping to hear from my editor about the revisions in the next day or so. In the meanwhile, I'm researching my new project. What I really need is a break, but I spent most of yesterday volunteering at school and today I'll be running around until lunchtime then trying to get ready for the classes I teach tomorrow afternoon. I'm also trying to put together a newsletter for a Norwegian Elkhound group, but having trouble with one of the files they sent me. Fingers crossed I can figure that out since it's the group's treasurer report!

Needless to say I was up early so I could get some writing/research done! What's your day like today?