Friday, November 19, 2010

So true!

funny pictures-Week 1:     Used the Big Eyes face to have humans giving me treats and the best spot on the sofa where the dog isn't allowed.  Week 2:     Have brain-washed the dog into protectin' me 'cause I'm so little.  Week 3:     World domination should be a snap fr
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Yes, this LOLcat pretty much sums it up. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. It's a good thing cats don't have opposable thumbs or we'd really be in trouble.

My days of relaxing are over as I try to sort through revisions. I sent off some notes in reply to the revision letter last night and received a reply back from my editor this morning. Sometimes the time difference between here in the PNW and London is an advantage! Now to get revising. The more work I can get done this week, the more I'll be able to enjoy the holiday next week!

Are you getting ready or thinking about Thanksgiving yet?


Pamela Keener said...

I am thinking about Thanksgiving at least. I have a dilemmna I want to go to my sister's house but my BF wants me to go w/him to his brother's house. I will definately be doing Christmas w/BF
My sister's house is a 2 hour drive you know over the river and such and her dinner is @ 4pm. It has been years since I have done my family thing and I think it should be about time even though it is an inconvenience to travel that far.
Happy Turkey Day
Gobble Gobble
Love & Hugs,

Jane said...

I don't do the cooking, so I don't really have to prepare, but I am thinking about the dinner already.

Dru said...

My only decision is whether I want to go to my relatives or stay home.

Electronic Smokeless Cigarette said...

This is sleeping time for the kitty.. Looking so cute over the pillow...... in that pic

Brandy said...

You're right, if cats had opposable thumbs we'd really be in trouble. *g*

We're almost prepared for Thanksgiving. We're staying home as usual. I just need to pick up a few things to make dessert since I forgot to do that.

Hope you're having a pleasing day!

Melissa McClone said...

I think holidays are a time for being with those you love, specially family if you can swing it. We'll be getting together with mine here. I still remember flying back to Tennessee in my mid-20s to spend Turkey day with my mom's side of the family. I hardly remembered anyone, but I wanted to get to know them! It was fun.