Monday, March 07, 2011


funny pictures - ok....  how much will it cost to get rid of monday?
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This LOLcat is so perfect for this Monday, which also happens to be the due date for my latest Christmas Magic/Hood Hamlet manuscript. I'd be more than willing to contribute a few dollars to get rid of Monday this week. How about you?

So that book is finished. Of course, it's too long. Again. I even left out an entire scene and rewrote two others last night trying to shorten them.

Today is finishing the read-thru I started yesterday. Then I'll go back and do it once more before typing it all in. That's what I'll be doing.

What are you up to today?


Dru said...

Today is my lazy day off from the daytime situation. Plan to work on my quilt and then think of what quilt block to use for the next project.

Good luck with the read-thru.

Have a good Monday.

Brandy said...

I'm ecstatic to be back to our regular routine today. Of course I need to find time to fit in a haircut, order one of Son's birthday gifts and his cake and clean the house, but hey. It's Monday and the week has begun, right? *g*
Hope your day goes well!

Sarita said...

The snow arrived here last night, big time, so I spent the day clearing the driveway. Ready for a warm shower, snuggly sweats and a cup of cocoa.

Hope the final reading is going well. Me? I can't wait to read your newest story!

Virginia said...

I have to go do the shopping and and things today. I do everything in one day. I need to get going.