Friday, March 18, 2011

A day of cats

funny pictures - By nachur, kats are solitairey animuls.
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My cats are not solitary creatures. They follow me wherever I go in the house. If I'm away from one of them too long, she sits at the top of the stairs and meows. Yesterday I walked into hubby's office. Two cats were right behind me.

Thursday was all about them. The vet wanted Smalls to see an ophthalmologist so I headed south. He said the abrasion is actually an ulcer. He worked on it and prescribed additional medicine. We'll go back in a couple of weeks.

I got home, grabbed the other cat carrier with Yoda inside and took off to another vet appointment. He needed vaccines and a check-up. Yoda received a clean bill of health! Though they said I needed to stop feeding him so much. Easier said then done since I've always free fed my cats.

Smalls and her medications have put a wrench into our plans. As of yesterday (when soccer games this weekend were canceled due to bad fields) the entire family was heading north today to take Finn to swim at the Pacific Northwest Age Group Sectionals. It's a regional state level meet with kids as far away as Hawaii and Alaska qualifying. But now hubby will stay home in order to take care of Smalls. This should be interesting since the two don't get along all that well!

Are you doing anything this weekend?