Thursday, March 03, 2011

Contest Winners!

funny pictures - WAT U MEEN I SPOILED.
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Amazingly, the random numbers (29, 7, 73) did not pick a duplicate winner. Surprising given a couple of you had many entries!

Here are our three winners:
1) Jane with a comment on my post Happy Valentine's Day
2) Brandy with a comment on A great commercial and guest blog
3) Margie with a comment on Contest Reminder

I thought I only had one box and thought each winner would get at least five titles. Since I found more boxes, I'm going to give each winner 25 books. I'm going to start with our first winner. Jane would you please send me the titles of 25 books you would like. Use the contact button.

Brandy and Margie, please use my contact button so I'll have your emails. Once Jane has made her picks it'll be Brandy's turn. Then Margie's.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I plan on running monthly contests, but not all will be on this blog. Some will be here, my Facebook author page or, as in March, elsewhere. For March's contest's info, check the link on the navbar.