Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cone of Shame

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Yesterday we had to make a run to the vet. Smalls did something to her eye. I noticed it tearing on Monday, but it was worse on Tuesday. She has two abrasions on her right cornea. She has to have drops put in her eye every couple of hours and she must wear the cone of shame so she can't irritate her eye more.
Here's a picture of her right after the cone went on.

Poor Smalls. She hates the cone. It's taking her a long time to figure out the change in her depth perception and new width! Lots of bumping and scraping things. She's hanging her head which only makes it worse.

The other pets, both cats and dog, seem to know how upset she is and have been aggravating her so much. I'm trying to run interference, but I can't be there 24/7. 

Last night she slept in her usual spot on my pillow. Needless to say there wasn't a lot of room for my head, but I wasn't about to move her. She needed something to go her way!

We return to the vet on Friday to see if the abrasions are healing. I hope so. They mentioned something about going in and smoothing them out. I'd rather not have to put Smalls under. She's old. At least 15 years old, probably older. She came with our first house so we're not quite sure of her exact age!

Have a great Wednesday! My day will be crazy, but no complaints!  I look at Japan and am very thankful that life is as usual here.