Sunday, March 27, 2011

Will Revise for Food

funny pictures - If I do not eat, I do not sleep. If I do not sleep, YOU WILL NOT SLEEP. Are we clear on this?
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This pic above is so my kitties! I always know when their food bowl is empty. They won't leave me alone.

The vet thinks I should cut Yoda's food. She wants him to eat this special kind that's good for their teeth, but higher calorie. I just haven't figured how to only feed him this when all the other cats have free fed their entire life. Given their ages almost 14 to 15-17 (not sure Smalls' exact age since she came with our first house), it seems a bit harsh to suddenly make the older cats change their eating habits. I must think on this some more!

As for today, I've already been to church this morning and am back in my jammies. I really want to get all the revisions typed in so I have tomorrow to go over them and make sure the changes work!

What's your Sunday looking like?