Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Monday

funny pictures - Rainy days and Mondays always get me down... and today was a rainy Monday.
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My Monday will be spent revising. I need to send off the revised manuscript tonight so it'll be a busy day!

If you're curious about my getting the RITA finalist call, I wrote about it on my Facebook author page. The link to the note is here. Or you can hit the little "f" button which will take you to my author page. The post is on my wall and is titled, "Getting the RITA call."

The Girls' Weekend in Vegas authors (Myrna Mackenzie, Shirley Jump, Jackie Braun and I) donated autographed books and a $10 Amazon gift card to Operation Auction. If you want to bid on the package, go here. The bidding closes on March 30th.

Hubby left last night on a red-eye. Not the best timing for a business trip, but it'll be a quick one. It was something unexpected so I didn't have any time to arrange for help (my parents) which means I have to cancel a few things today and tomorrow since I can't be in two places at once with the various kidlets.

Anything random in your life?