Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mom of a Teenager

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Thirteen years ago, my oldest daughter was born. A big day! That night Titanic won a bunch of Oscars. I was so tired after a labor that wouldn't end I kept dozing off though I remember James Cameron.

It's hard to believe I'm now the mom of a teenager. Where has the time gone?

When she was younger, I told her she could get a cellphone when she turned thirteen. We went to the AT&T store last night. The model she wants is out of stock so the manager is driving down to Portland today to pick one up so she can get it on her birthday!

Hubby is in denial. He was the one who was supposed to get the cellphone a few weeks ago, but hadn't. I think he still sees her as a seven year old when she's about to surpass me in height. He can't imagine why she needs a cellphone, unlimited text messaging or a data plan!

Unfortunately her birthday falls on a Wednesday this year which means I will be teaching all afternoon and evening. She's been lamenting that fact for weeks. But hubby will take her to pick up the phone and out to eat dinner. They'll probably go to Borders so she can buy a few books and Target, too. Her grandparents drove up yesterday and took us all out to lunch yesterday so lots of little birthday celebrations this week!

Happy Birthday, Mackenna! I love you. And no matter how big you get, you'll always be my little goo-goo baby!