Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Lost!

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I'm all smiles looking at the LOLcat above. Typical kitty humor, and I love it.

It also makes me think about the Christmas book I just turned in and am waiting to hear back on for revisions. It's book 3 (story 4 if you count Snow-Kissed Reunion, the eHarlequin online read I did last year) and features a fictional SAR unit on Mount Hood, OMSAR, Oregon Mountain Search and Rescue.

I've been brainstorming another book set in Hood Hamlet, Oregon, but not a Christmas one. Spring and summer are beautiful on the mountain. I love spending time up there then. I was thinking it might be nice to show a different season up on Mount Hood. Still not sure, but I'm having fun playing with the new idea and characters.

Do you have any big plans for today?