Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Lost!

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I'm all smiles looking at the LOLcat above. Typical kitty humor, and I love it.

It also makes me think about the Christmas book I just turned in and am waiting to hear back on for revisions. It's book 3 (story 4 if you count Snow-Kissed Reunion, the eHarlequin online read I did last year) and features a fictional SAR unit on Mount Hood, OMSAR, Oregon Mountain Search and Rescue.

I've been brainstorming another book set in Hood Hamlet, Oregon, but not a Christmas one. Spring and summer are beautiful on the mountain. I love spending time up there then. I was thinking it might be nice to show a different season up on Mount Hood. Still not sure, but I'm having fun playing with the new idea and characters.

Do you have any big plans for today?


Brandy said...

I can't see the picture. I hope your revisions are at a minimum for you.
I am thinking of tackling the yard today, I have such an urge to cut the grass, though half is still brown. *g*
I'm also waiting for Chris to get home from work so we can let Daughter babysit and we can birthday shop for Son. *g*

I hope you have a terrific day!

Sarita said...

I'm so glad you got your writing done. And I love it that you're already percolating a new story. Your setting is gorgeous in the winter. I imagine it will be equally perfect for a warm weather romance. I hope we hear more about what you've got brewing.

Today I'm spending a quiet day at the sewing machine. It's raining outside, but toasty beside the fire and the hours fly by while I sew. A good place for me, for a while.

I hope you're having a peaceful day.

Melissa McClone said...

Brandy - I fixed the picture. Sorry!
Hope you have fun shopping for your son.

Sarita - Thanks! Still playing with the idea trying to figure out what the story/romance would be. It keeps changing. Enjoy your day and have fun sewing!

Dru said...

Hey Melissa,

Glad your brainstorming is helping you come up with good story ideas.

Not much happening today. Tomorrow is another story.