Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Day Off Yesterday

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It's rare for me to have a day that I don't write. But yesterday was one of those days. I didn't write, revise or plot. Instead I pulled out my To Do list and checked several items off. I rested. I spent time with the kidlets. I watched Monday's episode of The Event. I had my haircut.

A productive day. I need more of them.

The kidlets reminded me we're hosting Easter. If I do a little each day, we should be decluttered, organized and clean by April 24th! The kids asked if I'd serve salmon in addition to ham. Since hubby smokes the ham and he'd grill the salmon, I told them to talk to him! He'll be home today. I can't wait! I've missed him!

Okay, better get started on the new book and prepare for the classes I teach today. Have a great Wednesday!


Brandy said...

I'm glad you took time to just "be". Hope you enjoyed your haircut! *g*
Wishing you a great day!

Dru said...

How's the toe?

I love "me" really does re-energize you.

Have a good Wednesday.

Melissa McClone said...

I like my haircut, Brandy.

The toe is killing me, Dru. It's the fourth toe, the one next to my little toe. Bruised, swollen and hurting. I'm trying to stay off it. Mackenna helped me set up at church earlier so I could stay off my feet until time to teach. I hope it's just a sprain. i guess time will tell!