Thursday, March 10, 2011

Of all the kittens...

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This LOLcat cracked me up. I have no doubt this is how my older cats feel about Yoda. Just when I think Yoda is settling down a little and growing up, he proves me wrong. Not that I would change his personality for anything! I love him just the way he is!

Yesterday he tore across my bedroom. Around and around. Running, jumping, annoying the old cats with each lap. I watched and laughed.

In the afternoon as I was finishing up my RITA reading, he jumped onto my bed and fell asleep against me. No attacking my arm. No pouncing on my manuscript pages. No chewing on my power cord. No karate chopping the older cats. Nothing is sweeter than a napping Yoda!

Then Chaos jumped up to join in the love fest and well, chaos ensued.

No chaos today though! I'm brainstorming new book ideas. I have a few days before revisions on the Christmas book will be back so it's a great time to play with some possible characters and stories.

Anything you'd like to see me write next?


Brandy said...

I'll leave you to your own creativity. I have very little. *g* Yoda sounds like our Wicket. She loves to sneak and jump out at the other cats and try to jump on their backs. But, she slept on my neck this morning. *g*

I hope your day is a happy one!

Dru said...

Actually, what would you like to write?

Melissa McClone said...

Isn't it sweet how kitties can be crazy wild one minute and then napping the next, Brandy.

I have a few ideas, Dru. But I'm always open to suggestions. Sometimes that gets the gears cranking in a different direction. I'm out of contract as soon as I finish up revisions on the Christmas book. (Still waiting for those.) It's really fun to just think about stuff and see if there's a book there or not! I started with one idea this morning. After talking to my friend Terri, I realized no book but then something she said sent me off into another place and there might just be a story here. I want to play with it some more and see!