Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Feline Couture

funny pictures - I'M PRAYING  FOR METEOROIDS
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Poor kitty! I'm guessing if someone dressed me up like that I'd be wanting meteoroidss to fall, too! Of course, it doesn't stop me from putting funny hats and outfits on my furbabies. Santa even brought me a book called Fashion Cats. It says "Feline Couture from Japan's #1 Cat Tailor." Didn't realize that was a job. The pics are very cute.

My brother-in-law sent the kidlets this game. It's called The Crazy Cat Lady Game. One of the kids said, "Hey, mom, this game is about you!" We haven't played yet, but will soon!

I'm dragging today. Had to take my oldest to the ER last night with breathing problems after swim practice. They got her breathing better after a treatment, but they aren't sure of the cause. She's never had asthma (and she wasn't wheezing.) This wasn't in her lungs, but upper resp. Yet the treatment worked. One possibility is a reaction to the chlorine in the pool. They swim under a bubble in the winter. I'm just hoping this never happens again. It was very scary!

Hope you have a nice day! I'm plan on writing and taking a nap with my cats at some point!


Brandy said...

Sorry to hear about your Daughter. I hope they find a cause so that it doesn't happen again.
Wishing you a good day full of writing and time for that nap! *g*

Jane said...

Glad she's breathing better.

Dru said...

I'm so glad that oldest Kidlet is okay. {{{hugs}}}

Amy W. said...

I can totally relate. Tate had to have emergency surgery Friday night. Our Christmas plans were thrown out the window. He is home now and feeling better. I hope your daughter is feeling better too.

Melissa McClone said...

Thanks! She's feeling better today.

Amy - I'm so sorry to hear about Tate. I hope he recovers quickly. That had to be scary! Take care of him and yourself! Hugs and prayers.