Thursday, December 08, 2011

Going, going, going...

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The day started early due to Mass at 7 am and I feel like I've been scrambling ever since. Lots going on. Holy day of Obligation. School day for the kidlets. Words that need to be written. A house that desperately needs to be cleaned.

The furniture arrived last nigh. Hubby had no trouble putting it together except for one nut that needs to be replaced. It'll work for now though. I love it. I came home from taking the kids to school this morning and it was all set-up! I will take pics once we can get the old stuff out of there. It's a bit crowded at the moment. But I love it. The colors are gray, red, black and off-white. So very pretty with the Christmas tree, too.

 Speaking of the tree...

Beauty, our kitten, loves it. All the other cats are content to lie underneath it. Not her. She wants to be in it. As high as possible.

I thought it might be a one-off kind of thing yesterday, but this morning she was back in there with no intention of coming down. I managed to get a few pictures then took her out. She jumped right back in as soon as I let go of her.

She's so darn cute though it's hard to get to upset at her.

Right now there aren't any decorations on the tree. Just lights. I've gotten some advice from cat people on what to do since none of my other cats have done this. This website is funny. It shows how this family's cats help them decorate their tree. Definitely worth a visit!
We haven't put any irreplaceable ornaments on the tree the last two years due to Yoda. We were never sure if he'd climb the tree or not, but he did like to bat at the branches. I bought a set of unbreakable colored balls last year at the after Christmas sale. I think they might come in handy this year!

A funny cartoon was posted on my Facebook page by my friend Emilie about this very thing if you want to see it. I would put it here, but I'm not sure about the copyright of cartoons and use on blogs so I'm just pasting this link instead!

Okay, that's all I've got for now. Gotta run!