Saturday, December 17, 2011

I eated it

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We had some eating going on last night, but it wasn't the cats.

This morning, I didn't wake up until 6:44 am. This is not normal. Usually our Norwegian Elkhound, Chaos, wants to eat by 6. I figured she was just sleeping in. It happens once or twice a year, and we had been up late last night.

The cats began stirring which meant soon they would be in my face wanting breakfast. I headed downstairs only to be met by Chaos who was already down there. That is very strange. She always stays upstairs with us at night.

I let her outside then went to get her food. The door to the Magic Box (that's what we tell Chaos it is since her food and treats are kept there) was wide open. (No doubt one of the kidlets got a midnight snack.) My heart dropped. Elkhounds will eat anything and everything. The last thing I needed is a sick dog and a trip to the vet or animal hospital.

Fortunately I didn't see a big mess. So I fed her breakfast.

Then I went to feed the cats.

That's when I noticed the bag of Bone-bones (that's what we call the dental sticks she gets each morning) over by the couch. It was an almost new bag, too. The bottom had been chewed out. Guess the ziplock top was too much for her. Only six Bone-bones remain. Someone had been busy last night.

I guess I should be grateful Chaos didn't eat everything in the bag or tear apart the pantry. But I have a feeling her tummy is not going to be feeling all that great today. Still she's right now trying to figure out how to eat the cats' breakfast. Darn dog!

A few people, including my kids, watched the animal version of Jingle Bells done by the same people who did the Deck the Halls clip I posted yesterday. So here it is since it fits in with the LOLcat above:

Hope you have a nice Saturday. Hubby arrives home after being in Taipei for a week. We all miss him so much!