Thursday, December 15, 2011

For Hubby...

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The above LOLcat is for hubby. It's now been two days I've yet to speak with him. Oh, he's called, but every time I've been driving so the kids answer my cell phone. They've had lovely discussions with him, keeping him informed of what's going on here at home. There's just no time to talk given the sixteen hour time difference, his schedule there and mine here. Between 7:30 am and 8:30 pm I think I was home maybe 45 minutes.

I hope today will be a little better. I really want to finish up the Christmas decorating. The mantle and the staircase banister are what's left. I've definitely taken the spirit of Advent (i.e. the season of preparation) to heart this year. A good thing I have another week and a half to get completely ready. I'm Catholic so the celebrating doesn't really begin for us until the 25th then it continues on for three more weeks though we usually take decorations down after Epiphany. Given I have a book due on the 9th of January, things will most likely be up a while longer this year.

Are you ready for Christmas?