Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where is kitty?

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This LOLcat is so true. I remember when I had to go to Tacoma to attend a training class at St. Patrick's and I couldn't find Rocket. I searched everywhere. Hubby said he'd find him so I drove north only to get a call five hours later saying the cat was missing. I was getting ready to drive back home when my oldest daughter called to say he'd been hiding in the closet, a place I'd checked a few times. Hubby, too.

I had that same moment of panic yesterday when I arrived home from an indoor soccer tournament. Beauty wasn't in my daughter's room. She wears a little bell, but there was no jingling. She usually comes running when her name is called, but she didn't this time.

I searched everywhere. No kitten. Given what happened with Pumpkin, I was getting more worried by the minute.

I called hubby who was driving the three kidlets to my parents so they could spend a couple of nights. Turns out my daughter didn't leave Beauty in her room, but in our room. I finally found her with one leg on the wrong side of her cone of shame. I have a feeling there was a story behind that with Yoda involved. But I wasso relieved to see her. She'd had a bit of an exciting day.

We ended up having to take Beauty into the vet. The area around her stitches had swelled. Turns out it's just a reaction to the sutures. It'll take a few months to go away, but she's fine. Huge sigh of relief after all the cat stuff (okay, deaths) we've been through the last few months.

Not the best pic (from hubby's cellphone) but this is her napping on the new ottoman last night. She loves being with us. We've had her out when we could watch her (and keep Yoda away.) The vet said she could have more freedom since things are healing nicely.

She'll have to wear the cone of shame until the scabs on her scar go away. But this one seems a little better than those hard plastic ones.

With a kidlet free household, I'll be wrapping presents and writing. How does your day look?