Friday, December 09, 2011

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas

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The above LOLcat is exactly how a couple of my cats were last night as I cleaned. The stuff I found, no doubt the result of little paws and teeth, as well as bigger kidlet sized hands, had me shaking my head.

I also couldn't believe how long it had been since I dusted. I think the dust bunnies were on their third or fourth generation of off-spring. This is what happens when deadlines get stacked upon deadlines. The basic stuff gets done around the house, but all the extra stuff like corners and window ledges and what not kind of slip through the cracks.

It didn't help that my cleaning efforts, though needed, were being done in a complete and utter mad dash aka panicked frenzy. My parents called yesterday afternoon to say they were coming up tomorrow. I had my new furniture, but all the old stuff was still there, too. As well as all the boxes and containers of Christmas stuff.

So I decided to clean and decorate. At the same time. That way I could be finished by the time my parents arrived.

Yeah, right.

In my defense, common sense wasn't a class I took when at Stanford. But the thought of parental comments about the state of my household can make even a reasonably intelligent person go crazy. (i.e. motivated by past experience.)

So hubby took the kidlets to swimming. I started the cleaning/decorating. I would clean an area then decorate. This worked well with the built-in shelf unit in the Great Room since my daughter had already packed everything up for me. All I had to do was dust. Then put up the water globes, shelf sitters and other decorations. Easy-peasy.

I switched out all the DVDs, putting away the regular ones and replacing them with holiday fare. I also organized two basket with Christmas books to go on the hearth. And fought the dust bunnies (dusting wouldn't do, disinfectant wipes were required) and clutter the entire time.

Unfortunately, I had the bright idea to sort through the decorations to find all the unbreakable ones (see yesterday's post as to the reason why I needed to do this.) Suddenly both the new and old ottomans were covered in ornaments. When the kidlets got homed they hung on a couple ornaments then were hungry for dinner. After that they were too tired. I have yet to go downstairs because I'm almost afraid to see if the cats got to them last night.

Of course in the midst of my cleaning efforts, the phone rang. It was my mom telling me that they'd decided not to come up today after all. I had to laugh.

At least the house is almost finished. I ended up stopping to have dinner. Hubby outdid himself last night with Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, rolls and a chocolate cake. After realizing no more decorating was going to happen, I headed upstairs to work. (There's only so much cleaning I can do at once. A domestic goddess I am not!)

So today, I'll get back to it after I get a little writing done this morning. And then the house will be all nice and Christmassy and I can post pics of my new furniture!

Hope you have a great day!