Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Awl Mine...

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...or it will be sometime between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm today!

After 16 1/2 years of living with a couch that I've never liked (it came with hubby when we got married, and I've been buying slipcovers for it ever since), I'm getting a new one. I'm also getting some chairs and an ottoman. Tables and a new area rug will follow once I figure out what I need!

I am so excited!

I have been looking at furniture for years. I had an interior designer put together a master plan for our current house when we moved in six years ago. Our plan was to buy one piece at a time paying cash. We managed to get a few of the pieces (dining room set, built in bookcases in office, built in buffet in dining room, desk, dinette set and matching bar stools) but then the economy tanked and all non-essential buying was put on-hold. And has been on hold for years.

But an unexpected check arrived from Harlequin. Last year's free on-line read Snow-Kissed Reunion was published as a bonus novella in a book. I'd never received a check out of the blue before. Hubby said to put the money toward the Great Room furniture.

When another check arrived, this one was expected (acceptance payment for the soccer book) hubby said wit was time to redo the Great Room so start figuring out what I wanted.

I'd already decided that the Great Room furniture in the master plan binder was too nice for our current lifestyle. With three active kids (13, 11, 8), a dog, cats and puppies that come and go as needed, I had to be realistic about what we needed furniture wise and how much I wanted to spend. I looked at several furniture places as well as on-line vut decided to go with what seemed most practical and reasonable—slipcover sofa and chairs from IKEA.

I ordered them yesterday. (Got 15% of my purchase back as a gift card, too, which easily covered the additional costs of gathering the items and home delivery!) As I was talking to the home delivery guy, he said I sounded really excited. I told him I was and explained about my hubby's couch. He said they could dispose of it for me, but hubby said no. He wants to move it to the bonus room instead.

Sigh... But really, I can't complain!

The furniture will be delivered this afternoon. My hope is that when I finish teaching at church hubby will have at least one piece put together and the old sofa will be upstairs!

Once we get the sofa and chairs arranged (could be interesting with our Christmas tree in the way!), I'll decide on what area rug and tables I want. I have a few ideas, but I need to see how everything looks first. And I'm beside myself imagining having a set of slipcovers for each season! Though I'll need to add that to the budget first!

Of course, hubby may want to throttle me once he has to put all the things together. But hey, he's got an engineering degree. He might as well use it. (And even though my degree is in Mechanical Engineering, I'm sure he won't let me anywhere near the furniture. That's his territory.)

Fingers crossed it all works out and looks as nice as I think it well!