Monday, December 19, 2011

Stocking stuffer

funny pictures - Best Stocking Stuffer Ever.
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I would love to find one of those in my stocking! How about you?

Our stockings are hung. Human stockings on the fireplace. Furbaby ones on the staircase. That way the animals can stick their paws through the railings and play with them! Plus there are just too many to all fit on the fireplace.

I came across an ornament from 1997. I'd had it made somewhere. I think a Christmas Bazaar at our church's school. There were four names on it: Tom, Melissa, Rocket and Spirit. How times have changed since then! Both family size as well as house size!

Today begins Christmas vacation. Hubby is home and off for the next two weeks. The kidlets still have to do lessons this week. (See Naughty post from yesterday if you want to know why.) Unfortunately my hope of a break isn't going to happen, but I'm hoping to get things done early and late so I can be with the family in between. Lots going on with cookie making, gingerbread house decorating, etc. I also realized I better start figuring out Christmas Cards. One year I sent New Year Cards. That may happen again. LOL!

Hope you have a nice Monday! Are you off or are you working?