Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cats and crying

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My cats love all kinds of strings. They have no concept of making a mess or what kind of trouble they could be causing when they play. They also act jealous if they aren't allowed in on the fun.

With Spirit's food change from dry to canned, she not only looks years younger, but she's become more playful. If a string or toy comes out, she wants in on the action. It's been a remarkable change in her after only a couple of weeks on the new diet.

Some people just don't get cats. They much prefer dogs, which is perfectly fine. I understand. I happen to like both. My dog Chaos gives love in a totally different way from my feline furbabies. Cats may be more independent, but they love their humans, too. They just give love on their own terms.

Which leads me to this video that I saw yesterday. It's from a few months ago, so you may have seen it already. It's a cat soothing a crying infant.

The comments by viewers are pretty interesting. Some think it's a disaster waiting to happen. Others hope the cat is declawed (did you know declawing a cat is illegal in some countries? Wish that were the case here in the U.S.) Others think the cat is agitated by the noise. I'm not sure what was going on in the background. It appears someone maybe holding the cat and another person is nearby, but I still think it's sweet. What do you think?

It reminds me of my cats. To this day, not one likes it when the kidlets cry. Rocket come running whenever he hears tears. He meows and rubs his head against whoever is crying. Maybe he just doesn't like the sound, but it's very sweet and usually his interaction with them helps the tears stop.

As for the pat of the baby's face, my cats, who all have their claws, do that to us. We call them love pats.

I'll never forget when we got Yoda. He was so tiny. But he would annoy the older cats, especially Smalls, who would bop him on the top of the head with her paw. I remember the first time when he, our no longer so little copycat, did that back to her! She was so shocked!

I hope you have a great Tuesday!