Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Hood Hamlet Christmas

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Not all of us have a hottie firefighter waiting under the mistletoe for us or a sexy mountain rescuer who knows just the perfect present to buy you. Either would be perfect to fix the Christmas tree in the LOLcat above.  But one reader of my Hood Hamlet/Christmas Magic series found a way to bring a little Hood Hamlet to her Christmas in England!

A few weeks ago, Stace asked about the popcorn and cranberry garland that I mention in one of the books. I think it's Christmas Magic on the Mountain since there's a tree trimming scene in that one. There's also one in Firefighter Under the Mistletoe, but this just makes me think of Sean and Zoe for some reason.

I have written about those garlands, but never made one myself. We have a cranberry colored wooden bead garland on our tree. Fortunately, Harlequin Romance author Shirley Jump had made one. Turns out it's very time consuming. Oops. But Stace wasn't deterred. And this was the result!

Very pretty and festive, don't you think?

Here's what Stace had to say about it:
About two hours which included teaching how to do it, making five garlands, taking photos and making the kids tea. Loving my Christmas magic in Guildford tree.
I love it! But I can imagine what our kitten, Beauty, and our dog, Chaos, might do with real food on the tree. It wouldn't be pretty. So I'll have to stick with my wooden cranberry bead garland! But here are directions if you want to make one.

Have you ever made a popcorn and cranberry garland?


Virginia said...

Never made one. I used to put bead garland on my tree but now I just put ornaments and let it go. It looks just as good that way and a lot less trouble to put up and take down.

Brandy said...

I grew up with a popcorn garland on our tree, but the first time I tried to make one when I was married I didn't know the popcorn had to be stale! *g* And now we can't have them because of the kitties. But, they sure are pretty!

I hope you have a great day!

Jane said...

I've always wanted to make a popcorn garland ever since I saw it on the Charlie Brown Christmas special, but never actually tried to make it.

Stace said...

Thanks so much Melissa. :) It was so much fun and will become a yearly tradition for sure. It reminds me of Zoe and Sean too. x