Sunday, December 18, 2011


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No one in our house seems to hear the rules. Kidlet, cat, dog. It's as if I'm speaking to a brick wall. Yet no one, including lil' Beauty who actually has big ears for a kitten, can use the LOLcat's excuse.

I'm pretty tired of it. So tired I went to a website and emailed Santa about the naughtiness going on in the household. Of course, I'm sure Santa already knew this, but I felt better. I read my email to the kids before hitting send. Rose ended up writing Santa herself asking if she was now on the naughty list.

On the dog front, Chaos continued to be sick all day long. I'm waiting to see how she feels today. The vet said if she got blocked it wouldn't show up until today or tomorrow.

On the kitten front, Beauty is still wearing her cone of shame. Yesterday she got into the big cats' food and made a mess of herself and the cone. Food was everywhere!

On the hubby front, he's home!

Today is all about writing. I need to run to the store for some groceries to donate, too. Later the girls and I will be delivering presents and food to a family the 4-H club adopted. That will be nice!

What are you up to today?


Joy said...

yeah , today I have been home , tired after perty yesterday. have a beautiful wekend

Virginia said...

Kidlets are always naughty this time of the year the closer it is to Christmas the worse they are.

Jackie S. said...

Hope things get calmer for you!

Amy W. said...

It seems like right before a holiday, vacation or school starts my kids just get off kilter and start acting up and driving me nuts! So I feel for you! Today I was also saying that Santa would be updating his naughty list! My kids have two more school days until they are out. Good luck to all us Moms!

Dru said...

Sorry no one is listening to you. Maybe today they will.

I hope everything is okay with Chaos. Let me know what the vet says.

Yay, hubby is home. I hope he has nowhere to go for the rest of the year.