Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Man on a Stick

funny pictures-Wait!  No!  Go back! My feather on a stick! MY FEATHER ON A STIIIIIICK!!
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I'm very familiar with the feather on a stick cat toy. I have several lying around. My kitties love them. The most favorite ones also have a little bell attached. Our kitten, Beauty, will even carry hers around in her mouth when she wants to play! I'm sure she'd be just like the cat in the LOLcat above if there was a fire in the house.

Something I wasn't familiar with until this past weekend was a man on a stick.

I saw the term on Facebook in a status update from Entangled Indulgence author Robin Covington. She'd posted a picture of a shirtless Joe Manganiello who is an actor on a TV show called True Blood. (I had no idea who he was, either, which proves I really do live in a cave!)

Finding pictures of hot, shirtless guys are pretty much par for the course on my FB feed given the number of romance writers who are friends, but as I read the comments, Robin mentioned a friend had given her another photo of Joe, something called a man on a stick. I had no idea what she was talking about.

I'd heard about a chicken on a stick, a hot dog on a stick aka corndog, fruit on a stick, but a man on a stick? Maybe it was the romance writer in me. Maybe it was the engineer. Maybe it was my overactive imagination. Whatever the reason, I had to know more about this!

Robin was more than happy to tell me all about her man on a stick:
It is a photo of Joe, laminated and mounted on a large craft stick so that he can sit propped up in front of me on my writing desk.
She even posted a pic of him and gave me permission to share here on the blog. Meet Joe, aka man on a stick. He's even laminated!

Pretty cool, huh? And even cooler of her friend who made it for her. Gotta love a friend who understands crazy man crushes!

It also got me thinking. If I could have a friend make me a man on a stick, who would I want to have? Decisions, decisions. I'm currently wavering on my man crushes. It's between Chris Hemsworth, inspiration for my November release movie-star hero Adam Noble, and my current mountain rescuer-ER doctor hero, Cullen Gray, who exists only in my mind.

What about you?  If you could have your own man on a stick, who would you want?


Marianne Arkins said...

Mmmm... Chris Helmsworth IS yummy. But why do you only get one? There's room for more.

Robin Covington said...

I love my Joe-on-a-stick! Thanks for having us hear with you today, Melissa!

And, he's laminated for the smooching - he's vey durble. ; )

Melissa McClone said...

Marianne - Not sure hubby would appreciate multiple man-on-a-sticks around the house ;) He's pretty understanding of my man crushes and love for heroes, but that might be pushing it a little :-)

Robin - glad to have you and Joe on the blog! Smooches, huh? And here I thought it was to keep him from getting chocolate or your fave drink of choice on him!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Ha! My hubby is prett good about my Patrick Dempsey crush. LOL But David Beckham is there too.

Tracy March said...

I would definitely want Washington Nationals left fielder and super-slugger Michael Morse on a stick! Here's a treat for those of you who may not know who he is. http://www.natsinsider.com/2012/01/lock-up-morse-or-wait-it-out.html
Play ball!

Melissa McClone said...

Whoa, Tracy! Get that man on a stick pronto! I wouldn't mind playing ball with him. My current release has a pro soccer player hottie, but maybe I should start thinking about a baseball player hero ;)

Tffany said...

Man-on-a-stick is new to me too! I like Joe but I think I'd have his coworker on True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard.

Brandy said...

Hmm, man on a stick? I'd say Nathan Fillion. He just has that smile, that one that makes me think he has mischievous thoughts.
But, shhhhh. Hubs doesn't know about my crush on him. *g*

Rita Oberlies said...

Man on a stick? That is just too darn funny. Now I want one with Sam Worthington on my desk.

christine warner said...

Okay, I'm in the cave with you. I have never seen True Blood (though my sister is a huge fan) so I didn't know who this actor was either :)

I love Robins man on a stick though...great idea, but I'd never be able to make a decision...I'd need an assortment....I guess a bouquet of men on sticks. LOL

Maria Zannini said...

Am I the only practical one around here? LOL. I just want a stick to use on a husband. :sigh: They require so much supervision. The stick helps to keep them in line.

Melissa McClone said...

Tiffany - I don't have a clue who Alexander Skarsgard is so I'll just have to believe you that he's stick worthy ;)

Brandy - oh, yes. Nathan Fillion is a good one! And you're secret is safe with all of us!

Rita - I'm not sure who Sam Worthington is, either. But he's definitely got a cool name. I used that last name for a character in an earlier book!

Christine - LOL! I'm imagining the next must-have present for Valentine's day. Forget a dozen roses, get your lovely lady a dozen men-on-sticks! It's the perfect bouquet that will never wilt or die!

Maria - ROFL! Too funny. Yep, you are way too practical. But we still love you!

Quilt Lady said...

I kind of like George Clooney because the older he gets the better looking he is.

Shirin Dubbin said...

"he's laminated for the smooching" Robin, you gave me the giggles with that one. Love is in the details.

I like Joe. A lot. He was the model for my hero Maks. But my choice for man on a stick would be a guy I found on my PInterest stream. I have no idea what his name is but I dream of him calling mine. I'll post the link here. Don't worry it's safe...unless you're worried about your blood pressure. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1vvemkWy21qd2qxpo1_500.jpg

Very fun post, ladies!