Wednesday, May 23, 2012


funny cat pictures - Yikes.
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I feel exactly like the LOLcat above. Hubby left last night and won't be back until Friday. This trip wasn't on my calendar. It wasn't on his. And it's really bad timing because I have a book due on Monday. Yikes!

I usually don't get a lot of writing done when he's away because of everything that needs to be taken and all the driving that needs to be done, etc. I don't have that luxury now. on-line just got cut even more.

I've been trying to be better about responding to comments here as well as the guest blogs (don't forget the giveaway at TBR!) I'll still do that, but the other social media sites will only get a visit once or twice a day. I've already stopped watching my one hour of television a week. I put away the book I was reading. I need to do a little exercise or take a walk so that stays! On-line time is all that I have left to cut.

Hope you have a great day!