Sunday, May 06, 2012


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In between traveling to San Diego, finding a church to attend Mass, visiting my friend, Elizabeth, and getting settled in our hotel room for the next eight days, I actual managed to do some "compooterin" aka writing. I only reached half my intended word/page count, but with so much going on I'll take it. And I really did need that hour nap on the flight down here!

I finally got to see the sun! We're staying on Shelter Island so have water on both sides of us. It's lovely! Everywhere I look, I see a Norwegian Elkhound. I'm so excited to watch Mackenna compete this afternoon. I'm going to spend the morning with my friend again. I'm taking advantage of the lack of traffic. As I drove up to see her last night, I realized the freeway is not where I want to be during rush hour!

On the home front, the family (two and four legged) are doing well. It was great to not share my pillow last night with Rocket my fat cat who thinks the pillow is his or be afraid to move my legs due to Spirit. I planned on sleeping a little later, but all the dogs and a seabird who thinks he's a rooster woke me up around 6. I tried going back to sleep, but finally gave up a half hour later. At least I can get some more "compooterin" time in this morning before it's officially time to start my day.

What's going on with you?