Wednesday, May 16, 2012


funny cat pictures - Until then I will practice on that annoying little moving red light in the living room
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Like the LOLcat above, I keep telling myself soon, very soon. I'm not after a white light, but trying to put a dent into my ever growing To Do list.

The most important item on it is my May 28th deadline for my current manuscript. Saying I'm behind right now doesn't even come close to where I am, but soon I'll be finished and can move on to the other things on the list. Some which really need to be done. I still haven't sent out my New Year's Cards (which I'd tasked the rest of the family to do!) Or mailed autographed books to people who've helped me with my last two stories. Soon, very soon.

I did accomplish something yesteday! I finally got all my pictures and videos downloaded. I thought I'd share a few of them with you today:
Dolphins at Sea World's Blue Horizon Show

Mackenna and Shay at the NEASC Specialty Best of Breed Class

Awards for the NEAA National show 
Mackenna and Astra before NEAA Best Jr. Handler Class