Monday, May 07, 2012

Best Junior!

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I think there's a cat doing this at the cell tower that covers Shelter Island in San Diego. I have had nothing but trouble with my iPhone since we arrived. I can't get a signal. I get a signal from the Mexico cell phone carrier and they charge international fees. It's crazy. I tried talking to AT&T, but the phone is in my hubby's name and I didn't know the pin # so it was a waste of time. He finally called them and got them to switch off international calling on both our phones. All we need are to come home after eight days of international charges when we're still quite a ways from the border.

In spite of the phone issues, it was a good day yesterday.

Mackenna won Best Junior Handler. She was a little disappointed in that she was the only Jr. Handler competing. Her competition didn't show up. But the 2 1/2 foot ribbon and winner's swag made her feel a little better.

She won a great grooming bag (purple! Her favorite color.) A pair of thinning shears. And a set of grooming products. All the items are from Chris Christensen.

This picture was taking outside the ballroom of the hotel where we're staying. You can see it's a lovely setting. Water on both sides and lots of boats moored in marinas. Oh, and blue skies. It's been so nice to see the sun again!

We ate dinner at a yummy place called Pizza Nova. It's right on a marina, too. We sat outside. The slight breeze off the water, the heaters above us and the fire pit to our right made for comfy dining.

Today is all about dogs. I plan to do some writing. Nothing against all the dogs, but unless Mackenna is showing I don't really care. There's a taco dinner tonight then after that I'll drive up and see my friend.

Yesterday she, her son, who recently relocated to Seattle, and I all got to visit together. That was so nice and reminded me of old times. When I attended Stanford, they lived in Hillsborough which is north of the campus. They became my second family. I spent many weekends there and attending all the home 49er games with them during my four years in Palo Alto.

Hope you have a nice Monday!