Thursday, May 17, 2012


funny cat pictures - I HAZ A KUMFEE...
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I want a kumfee! I'd settle for a nap. Yes, folks, deadline dementia has set it.

What does this mean? 

I'm now waking up around 5 am with no alarm clock necessary. This is so unlike me. It's also inhumane. No one should be up at this hour unless the fate of the world depends upon them. Of course, when I wake up early so do all the fur babies, who decide it's time to eat.

Except it's not time to feed them breakfast. It's time for me to write. They stare me down. So far I'm winning the battle, but that could change if any of them figure out the one way to get me to do what they want is plop themselves down on my MacBook Pro while I'm trying to use it. That could turn the tide of things. But so far so good.

I spoke to my son's class about writing today. I love talking about writing to kids. They are the next generation of writers. Forget all the eBook vs. print discussions. A good story is a good story no matter the method of delivery. We need to light a fire in young writers, to pass on what we know about the craft of writing and get them excited to learn other stuff on their own, so we will have great books to read in the future!

Now to get writing myself. I got a few words in this morning, but have more to do now. And if I meet my word count for the day, I'm definitely going to get "kumfee" and rest a bit!

Have a good one!